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Case of drum weighing scale in food production line

Aug. 19, 2021
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After flavoring and packaging the products, the food machinery and equipment production line generally needs to detect whether there is missing or over loading. We recommend using the assembly line drum weight scale to weigh and detect the products, so as to alarm the unqualified products and automatically remove them from the production line.

Drum weighing scale.png 
drum weighing scale

The drum weighing scale has the following characteristics:

 1. High resolution, fast and stable response;

2. Accuracy up to 1 / 1000 ~ 1 / 3000;

3. It has the function of continuous signal transmission;

4. Suitable for automatic detection of product weight;

5. It can be used with peripheral equipment such as conveyor belt assembly line;

6. RS232 interface can be purchased to connect with the computer, and the alarm of unqualified products can be realized by purchasing our weight inspection software;


If you want to have a high-capacity production line, you need to do a good job in equipment maintenance, and the drum weighing machine is no exception. Only the reasonable use of the drum weighing machine can make it play a better quality monitoring state at all times, continuously increase the output of the production line and prolong its service life.

1. Production personnel: before contacting the equipment, the production personnel shall be trained to firmly remember the concept of standardized and correct operation. In many cases, equipment failure is due to illegal and wrong operation during operation.

2. Management personnel: management personnel are also related to the production situation. The reasonable deployment of staff and the mastery of production situation will also affect the equipment. Moreover, managers should regularly check the equipment, maintenance and data reports, have an understanding of the whole, make reasonable arrangements and put forward improvement countermeasures and measures.

3. Maintenance personnel: special maintenance personnel shall be arranged for maintenance and overhaul. Such as daily cleaning, maintenance and inspection after shutdown, weekly, monthly and annual regular inspection, and timely handling of faults. The technical level of maintenance personnel is also very important. When arranging, select highly skilled and high-level personnel to prevent delays and aggravation of problems.

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